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Is SEO For Chiropractic Offices Different Than Other Industries?

Yes, SEO for Chiropractic offices is different than a lot of other industries because you are going to be competing in a health-related niche which is one of the most difficult ones to rank in. This will require an advanced level of understanding in SEO. The reason it is a difficult area to compete for online is because of the vast amount of local practices in your industry. Some industries like the “automotive machine shop…
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What is a PBN in SEO?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network What is it? It’s a website you build structured to aid another website also known as your “money site”. You could also say it’s a small website created to boost another website’s relevance for a topic. Your “Money site” is the website you are looking to rank on google for keywords. The way it helps your “money site” is by adding to it’s relevance for a specific topic/keyword. How…
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Top 9 Keywords for Restaurants to go after; That NOBODY KNOWS about!

1. Happy Hour in _______(CITY) Although this may seem obvious at first most SEO’s have trouble when it comes to finding industry specific keywords/terms such as this one. 2. Restaurants inĀ _______(CITY) This term is usually left wide open is most places because of fear of competition but what I have found is that it’s not taken advantage of enough. 3. Best Restaurants in _______(CITY) A restaurant that can take advantage of this term will be…
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