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Is SEO Improving Business For You?

When you first started or bought the business you’re currently operating, you likely had big dreams and ideas. You might have envisioned the day where you didn’t have to work too hard and money was rolling in left and right while others worked for you, or you were hoping to dive into something that sounded better than your previous careers and jobs. You might have even hoped to have fun along the way, which isn’t…
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SEO concept For Beginners

What is SEO, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For the past few years now marketing and sales have been transitioning from in-store to internet based. The reason for that is becauseĀ it’s so much easier now to get online and check out a store than to physically drive out to a shopping mall. Wouldn’t You agree? When people are bored at work they simply browse online stores. When they need a plumber they search online,…
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The Power of the internet

Watch Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba speak about the Future of Business, marketing, and the Internet! very Inspiring and motivating, One of my favorite mentors! ” ..it never too late to learn about technology because the internet is only the beginning..”