Top 9 Keywords for Restaurants to go after; That NOBODY KNOWS about!

Top 9 Keywords for Restaurants to go after; That NOBODY KNOWS about!

1. Happy Hour in _______(CITY)

Although this may seem obvious at first most SEO’s have trouble when it comes to finding industry specific keywords/terms such as this one.

2. Restaurants in _______(CITY)

This term is usually left wide open is most places because of fear of competition but what I have found is that it’s not taken advantage of enough.

3. Best Restaurants in _______(CITY)

A restaurant that can take advantage of this term will be considered a top contender in a whole city. Ofte times the search query shows a blog post from a directory website like yelp but dont be fooled into thinking you cannot take their place on Google.

4. Where to eat in _______(CITY)

I’m sure many of you have searched this term up at some point looking for a place to eat right? Well more often than not restaurants are unaware to this term as an avenue for getting new customers in the door.

5. Places to eat in _______(CITY)

This is also going to come off as another obvious one but you would be surprised to know how under valued appearing for this term is.

6. Dinner in ______(CITY)

Dinner is one of the most profitable meal times a restaurant has and if left un-tapped will leave a lot of potential money on the table.

7. Brunch in ______(CITY)

A Brunch Special is usually a Saturday and Sunday Type of market that not all restaurants offer but if you do, then this is definitely a keyword to go after.

8. Lunch in _______(CITY) 

Lunch is a meal that most people want to be in and out quickly for but still a wide section of the day where a restaurant can easily make a few thousand each day.

9. Places to eat Breakfast in _______(CITY)

Not all restaurants offer breakfast but for the ones who do this is an essential keyword to rank for!

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