What is a PBN in SEO?

What is a PBN in SEO?

What is a PBN in SEO?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network

What is it? It’s a website you build structured to aid another website also known as your “money site”. You could also say it’s a small website created to boost another website’s relevance for a topic.

Your “Money site” is the website you are looking to rank on google for keywords.

The way it helps your “money site” is by adding to it’s relevance for a specific topic/keyword.

How exactly does this help? This helps because having more websites reference your site adds to your websites credibility and some of the power is transferred from the PBN to your “Money site”.

Do they work? Yes,

Can using these PBN links hurt you? They definitely can, but if you use them the right way just like a pair of scissors you cam experience great benefits. In the case that you don’t use them correctly, they can hurt your website and even lead to a penalty from Google.

How can you tell if one of these PBN links is going to affect you negatively? If the PBN you built is not indexed and no longer visible on google you may have a problem. You will then need to have your website link removed from this site before Google decides to penalize your website as well.

What is a Google penalty? This is when Google de-indexes your website from its visible database for spam type behavior. So in other words it eliminates your website from search results.

Why does Google do this? Because it wants to maintain it’s good reputation as the #1 Search Engine In The World and spam leads to bad user satisfaction.

How do you know if a PBN has been targeted by Google for a spam penalty?

The easiest way to know is if you can no longer find the PBN on google anymore.

How do you make a PBN safe? Well you build it to be an actual user-friendly website that adds value. The mistake is when people do a pour job building it and it turns out looking like a spammy website with 1 post that’s sole purpose is to boost another site.

Is there an alternative to using PBN’s for links? Yes,

You can reach out to high authority websites in the field or topic that you are looking to rank for and see how much it costs to get a link pointing back to you.

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